Snow Plows for Pickups

Super Blade

3/4 Ton Pickups & Larger


The New Drive Pro

1/2 Ton & Light Pickups

Lot Pro LD

1/2 Ton & Light Pickups


Lot Pro

1/2 Ton Pickups & Larger

Diamond Edge

3/4 Ton Pickups & Larger


Super V3 LD

1/2 Ton & Light Pickups

Super V3

3/4 Ton Pickups & Larger



Road Pro 32 Series

9,300 – 26,000 lb. GVW Trucks

Road Pro 36 Series

26,000 - 33,000 lb. GVW Trucks


Wing Man

1/2-Ton and Light Pickup Trucks


HomePlow Plow

1/2-Ton and Light Pickups


Meyer Selector Tool

Whether you are new to the industry or just new to Meyer, The

Selector Tool can help get you started on finding the right equipment

for the job. If you are looking for a plow, be sure to go through the

Plow Configuration Tool to make sure the equipment you find here fits your vehicle.



Plow Configuration

Use this plow configuration tool to identify the right plow for your vehicle.

Get started by selecting the type of vehicle you own and follow the prompts there.

If you purchased your vehicle outside of North America, please choose the

"Trucks Purchased Outside of North America" option below.


Note:  If your vehicle configuration results in no recommended plows,

this means the manufacturer of this vehicle prohibits the use of a snow plow on this model.

Using any brand of snow plow with this vehicle may adversely affect

the vehicle's performance and/or its warranty protection.



Call School Bus Sales, your Official Meyer Products dealer, directly for assistance.